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Green coconut suppliers

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Vietnam is one of the largest coconut growers in the world. In Vietnam, Ben Tre province is called the world of coconut therefore if you are looking for coconut suppliers, you should go to Bentre province

Green coconut suppliers – Where are they in Vietnam?

Vietnam is well-known as a big green coconut suppliers in the world beside India, Sri-lank, Philippines,… Vietnamese people grow coconut in many provinces from Central to the south. However, the world of coconut in Vietnam is Bentre province in the southern of Vietnam. If you are looking for Vietnam green coconut suppliers, you should go to Ben Tre province. There are many green coconut suppliers, however, most of them are very small factories. The good news is they always offer very best price.


fresh coconut suppliers
Fresh coconut trees in Bentre

Fresh coconut suppliers in Vietnam can offer you green coconut or peeled coconut (diamond coconut)

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green coconut exporters
Unpeeled fresh coconut

Packaging and preserving process of green coconut suppliers in Vietnam

1.  Packaging process in fresh coconut suppliers factories

After harvesting from coconut farms and gathering at factories, these steps will be taken: classifying size and quality, peelings, packaging,…

fresh coconut suppliers
Fresh coconut after peelings process
fresh coconut exporters
A carton of fresh coconut

2. Preserving fresh coconut

After packaging, fresh coconut is put immediately into cool room set at 4 to 5 Celcius degree. At this temperature,fresh dragon fruit can state fresh about 45 to 50 days.

fresh coconut exporters
Fresh coconut is put into cool room

What is the export standard green coconut suppliers can offer?

Fresh coconut suppliers can offer you many kind of sizes, packagings

Size of fresh peeled coconut:800 gram up

Size of fresh green (unpeeled) coconut: 1Kg up

Packaging: 9 or 12 pieces per cartons

Growing methods: common, VietGAP, GlobalGAP, Organic

green coconut suppliers
Unpeeled fresh coconut

When you can get the best price from green coconut suppliers in Vietnam?

In general, the price of fresh coconut in Vietnam is quite stable. it increase slightly on hot season from March to August because of high demand in local market. Therefore the best time to get the best price from Vietnam fresh coconut suppliers is March to August.

March to August: $0.35 to $0.39 per piece

September to February: $0.38 to $0.42 per pice

fresh diamond coconut
Fresh peeled coconut in a factory

The supply chain of Vietnam fresh coconut

The supply chain of fresh coconut in Vietnam is quite long can be describe as below

Coconut growers/farmers → manufacturers/packagers → Trading companies → Importers

It is much better to buy from packagers or manufacturers, you can get much better price from them in compare with trading companies

fresh coconut suppliers
A container of fresh coconut

What is the payment terms green coconut suppliers prefer?

Dragon fruit suppliers in Vietnam always prefer 40% in advance, 60% against scanned docs or 100% LC at sight. However if they trust you, they can change the terms into other payment terms such as DA or DP.

40% in advance may be risky for you so you have to carefully check dragon fruit suppliers background information.

fresh coconut exporters
Workers are putting fresh coconut into plastic crate

What documents fresh coconut suppliers will provide to you?

Fresh coconut suppliers will give you these documents: Sales contract, Packing list, Invoice, Phyto certificate, Growing method certificates,…

How about fresh coconut suppliers commitments on quality?

Surely, it depends on you and fresh coconut suppliers agreements. In general, the suppliers will take responsibility on quality of dragon fruit upon arrivals. You can sue them for quality damage or force them to compensate for damaged goods. It is much convenient if you have a purchase department in Vietnam.

fresh coconut suppliers
Very beautiful fresh diamond coconut

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